Staff Listing
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Building Department
Name Job Title Building Email
Anderson, Dane HS Custodian High School
Anderson, Shauna Business Manager District Office
Apedaile, Lily HS Science Teacher High School
Austin, Darla HS Business Teacher High School, Junior High (7-8)
Bagley, Jessica Paraprofessional Elementary (K-4)
Bashor, Troy 5-12 Music High School, Intermediate (5-6), Junior High (7-8)
Batt, Thelma Kitchen Elementary (K-4), Intermediate (5-6) N/A
Berkowitz, Caitlyn HS English Teacher High School
Blanchard, Tamera 5-6 Secretary Intermediate (5-6)
Blass, Elaina K-4 Music and 5th Band Teacher Elementary (K-4), Intermediate (5-6)
Block, Jeanette Kitchen Staff High School, Junior High (7-8) N/A
Boudreaux, William 7-8 Teacher Junior High (7-8)
Brown, Susan Paraprofessional Elementary (K-4)
Bruce, Gayle Bus Driver/District Office District Office, Transportation N/A
Bruse, Laura 5th Grade Teacher Intermediate (5-6)
Buchholz, Cynthia Special Ed paraprofessional Elementary (K-4)
Burklund, Jodie 3rd Grade Teacher Elementary (K-4)
Cari-Roberts, Sarah Special Education Paraprofessional Junior High (7-8)
Chapman, Roberta 7-8 Math Teacher Junior High (7-8)
Cioe, Eric HS English Teacher High School
Cline, Bobbie Kindergarten Teacher Elementary (K-4)
Cline, Randy Superintendent District Office
Cohlhepp, Blake Special Education Teacher Intermediate (5-6)
Cole, Denise Kitchen Elementary (K-4), Intermediate (5-6)
Comer, Brooke 6th Grade English and Social Studies Intermediate (5-6)
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